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ipreps on ipads : exploring the visual/audio nexus of techno-literacy learners in an Australian classroom

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posted on 2012-01-01, 00:00 authored by Terri Redpath, Julianne LynchJulianne Lynch
This presentation reports on findings from a qualitative study on the use of iPads to support the literacy learning of a group of children who had just commenced their formal schooling in a regional Australian preparatory classroom. Specifically it looks at the affordances the iPad offered to enhance the oral-aural-visual communication of children not yet fluent in print based literacies. The children were interviewed about their techno-literacy learning and observed as they engaged with applications (apps). The researchers were able to video them as they demonstrated high levels of interest, energised learning and a range of independently acquired techno- literacy skills.
There is as yet little research on the use of portable personal computing devices such as the iPad in early years’ classrooms. The children in this study are shown as capable and articulate regarding their iPad use. Beyond the traditionally conceived struggle with passive print decoding when using iPads they become active creators of sophisticated multimodal artefacts that they consider worthy of acclaim, “I’m really proud of myself.” Findings from this study suggest the visual/listening nexus of popular apps potentially challenges print based literacy education approaches and existing paradigms of research and teaching/learning practice in Australian early years’ literacy education.



Annual Conference Pacific Early Childhood Education Research Association (13 : 2012 : Nanyang, Singapore)


229 - 229


Nanyang Technological University


Nanyang, Singapore

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PECERA 13 : Proceedings of the 13th Pacific Early Childhood Education Research Association Conference