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Front Beach Back Beach

posted on 2023-09-25, 03:14 authored by David CrossDavid Cross, Cameron BishopCameron Bishop, Danny Lacy
Front Beach Back Beach


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Background Front Beach Back Beach (FBBB) is a curatorial research project co-developed by Cameron Bishop, David Cross and Danny Lacy from Mornington Peninsula Regional Gallery. Featuring 15 new temporary public art commissions by over 30 leading Australian artists (including Maree Clarke, Lisa Waup and Breckon & Randle), the project investigates how a community and history focused curatorial frame might serve to build new approaches by artists to the creation of temporary public art works. The research also examines how a large multi-sited public art event can be devised to incorporate different artistic media while attaining a coherent experience for art audiences. Contribution FBBB is the first large-scale, multi-sited temporary public art project ever developed for the Mornington Peninsula. Specifically, it is the first curated project of its kind that connects community engagement, historical and site-based research with new approaches to digital user-experience. FBBB specifically asks how is it possible to build a resilient place/community focused public art curatorial frame for a breadth of audiences and constituencies. Featuring 15 large-scale works (7 curated by Cross/Bishop) across a 723 square kilometres, FBBB offers a study for how focused artistic frames can build greater understandings of history through storytelling. Significance FBBB has provided a new model for curatorial research and research consortia building and specifically one that has demonstrated income and output success across both TRO/NTRO and external income generation. With audience figures in the terns of thousands. the participation of more than 30 leading Australian artists, multiple curatorial outputs, a pending book of the project together with future journal articles and conference papers, FBBB could be seen as an industry-leading research project. To secure close to $500k in category 2-4 funding (the prestigious Rise fund) and to be selected to partner on the project by MPRG demonstrates the projects esteem.

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JC2 Curated Exhibition or Event – Exhibition/Event


I major curatorial output, 6 additional NTRO curatorial outputs (3 Bishop, 3 Cross), category 2-4 income, 5 NTRO (written outputs).


Lee K, Bleach L, Lisa W, Moller V, Arnold B, Irwin M, Rae C, Mcgrath S, Jensen R, Endean A, James K, Steel JK, Guerts J, Robinson G, Randall N, Tango H, Clarke M, Gebhardt P, Rhall S, Russell I, Shone A

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Rise Funding Australian Government 300K, Mornington Peninsula Regional council 200k, FBBB Website winner of Australian Graphic Design Award 2022 Brand and Identity.

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