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Warrock collection: original line drawings by fourth year Deakin University architecture students of the Warrock Homestead, a local heritage listed property in Victoria

posted on 2024-05-17, 03:28 authored by Lorraine Huddle, David Rowe
This collection includes the original line drawings by fourth year Deakin University architecture students of a well known local heritage listed property, the Warrock homestead. The Warrock homestead consisted of detailed original timber structures of the 19th century. The drawings are the result of a conservation project funded by the Commonwealth Government of Australia National Estate Grants program. In 1999 a further deposit of original reports relating to individual buildings on the property was received. The collection consists of monographs, photographs and photograph negatives, architectural drawings, VHS tapes and ephemera.


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Warrock homestead collection

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Non-borrowable collection available for reference only. Collection is only available for consultation within Deakin University Library.

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text, image, audio, ephemera




Collection coordinated and deposited by Lorraine Huddle. Lorraine was also the director, supervisor and lecturer for the project. Contributors listed were the fourth year architecture students involved.

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230 architectural drawings (approx.), 27 reports, 3 audio VHS, 265 photographs and their negatives, 47 Warrock conservation study manuscripts 1992 building schedules, 1 catalogue, 1 pamphlet and numerous ephemera in 9 archive boxes and 1 map draw


Treloar, Graham; Ham, Jeremy; Osborn, Terry; Donchi, Michelle; Wong, Charles; Selleck, John;Gasparetto, Nadia; Greenwood, Ashley; LoGiusto, Vince; Perry, Amanda; Sanderson, Wayne;Mangan, Julie; Worth, David;Schroter, Shaun;Taylor, Shane