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Geelong and district real estate posters: Geelong

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Donated by the Geelong Historical Records Centre in 1992, this collection includes late nineteenth century and early twentieth century real estate posters of Geelong and district.

Posters relate to subdivision and sale of land in Geelong and western region of Victoria, specifically: advertisements of sale of land subdivision, maps and plans of subdivisions, advertisement for real estate agent, and ratepayers notice for Geelong City Council elections


  • Parkview Estate, Geelong, Auction, 1888
  • St. Helen's Estate, Geelong, Auction, 1888. Now known as North Geelong
  • Old Agricultural Show Ground, Geelong, Auction, 1891 (1)
  • Old Agricultural Show Ground, Geelong, Auction, 1891 (2)
  • Banksia Estate, Geelong, Auction, 1904
  • Superb Building Sites, Geelong, Auction, 1910
  • Eastern Heights Estate, Geelong, Auction, 1911, Now known as East Geelong
  • Ryrie Street East Estate, Geelong, Auction 1911. Now known as East Geelong
  • 3 Fine Residential Sites, Geelong, Auction, 1914
  • Geelong City Sites, Geelong, Auction, 1916
  • Old Geelong Grammar School Estate, Geelong, Auction, 1916
  • Grammar School Reserve Estate, Geelong Auction, 1923. Now known as East Geelong
  • Byford Estate, Geelong, Private Sale, c.1925, Now known as Norlane
  • Valuable City Property, Geelong, Auction, 1925
  • Crown Lands Sale by Auction, Geelong, Auction, 1926, Now known as East Geelong
  • Park View Estate, Geelong, Private Sale, c.1926. Now known as Moolap
  • Choice Central Villa Sites, Geelong, Auction, 1929
  • Farm Land and House Property, Geelong, Auction, 1939, Estate of the late Albert Hartwich. Now known as Waurn Ponds.
  • Benjam…?, Geelong, Private Sale [poster incomplete]
  • Building Sites, Geelong, Private Sale
  • For Sale Geelong, Geelong, Private Sale
  • Frankfort Estate, Geelong, Plan, Now known as East Geelong
  • McMillan's Estate, Geelong, Private Sale
  • Subdivision of Crown Allotments, Geelong, Plan. Now known as East Geelong
  • Turkeith Estate, Geelong, Private Sale. Now known as Herne Hill
  • Western Beach Estate, Geelong, Private Sale.



Geelong real estate posters



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23 posters, 3 pamphlets

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