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National Wool Museum gallery design

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posted on 2017-01-01, 00:00 authored by Mirjana LozanovskaMirjana Lozanovska
(1) tResearch Background (approx.. 75 words) This design project developed a new design for one of the galleries in the National Wool Museum. The gallery spaces in the National Wool Museum were designed for educational and informative exhibitions set up on a system of installed panels.



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National Wool Museum

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Geelong, Vic.

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(2) tResearch Contribution (approx. 100 words) Architectural designers Lozanovska, Fullaondo and Beynon, developed a new model of a gallery space for the NWM focussing on a) revealing the existing industrial architecture of the wool museum, b) expanding the spatial scope of the gallery through a new system of exhibition and lighting. This project a) tested the application of the research on industrial architecture, b) developed a collaborative design method with the Director of the NWM, Padraic Fisher, and c) the new design redirected the integration of exhibitions with the architecture of the wool mills. Once completed, the Director stated he will be applying for funding to redesign the other gallery spaces. (3) tResearch Significance (approx. 75 words) Summary This research made visible and evident the industrial character of the interior of the National Wool Museum. Previously the gallery spaces concealed this industrial architecture by surface cladding to exterior walls and the installation panels. As such it provided a successful case about how to integrate industrial architecture into a new programme, simultaneously as it critiqued the existing approach which divided the industry from the architecture as it showcased the wool machinery, on the one hand, and concealed the wool mill architecture, on the other hand. This redesign presented the potential for an integrated approach where the ‘content’ and the ‘architecture’ forged a stronger design force together. The NWM has since been identified as a building that requires updating and redesign. This proposal is now with the Council of Greater Geelong.

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new design for the gallery and the architecture of the gallery for the Iconic Industry Exhbition 2017.


D Fullaondo, D Beynon

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