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Perpetual Pigments: Sustainable Colour, Continuous Culture

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posted on 2024-03-27, 04:44 authored by Tonya MeyrickTonya Meyrick, Russell KennedyRussell Kennedy, Jacinta KayJacinta Kay
Perpetual Pigments: Sustainable Colour, Continuous Culture




Research statement

Background The Perpetual Pigments research project tests the results of a world first research project conducted by Deakin University's Institute for Frontier Materials (IFM). Framed within the circular economy conversation, IFM has developed a process to extract pigments from discarded textiles. The 'art meets science', project was interrogated through a 'research through design' method, driven by the question, 'in what way can we advance the application of these pigments through collaborative design practice?' 6 First Nations artists & Ripcurl, produced work for this provocation. These results are located in the design research and circular economy fields Contribution This exhibition of this work demonstrates a world first research application of these pigments. This resulted in a wide scope over 7 months that establishes new knowledge in the circular economy. 6 First Nations artists produced 14 artworks. We designed 8 graphic motifs for print at Ripcurl, an exhibition catalogue with essays and a companion website, with animations, typography and branding. This 'art meets science' project is the first of its kind and contributes to a functional design methodology on collaborative cross-disciplinary, cross-faculty practice that elevates the conversation in this area of design research within the circular economy. Significance Supported by a 300K grant from Sustainability VIC, and as evidenced by the international Anthem Awards win in the 'Sustainability' category - as judged by the International Academy of Digital Arts & Sciences (IADAS) 'Perpetual Pigments was selected from over 4,000 entries from 44 countries to win GOLD. This world first application demonstrates the role of recycling textile waste in the circular economy paradigm. The exhibition provides an exemplar for future relational cross-disciplinary, cross-faculty research practices. Measures of esteems are demonstrated through the funding /award and also, coverage on ABC TV & Radio, Channel 10s, The Project segment.


1 x website that comprises all the exhibition materials

Recognition, awards & prizes

Winner - International Anthem Awards:


Geelong Design Week

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