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Vision 2 original design work - thematic concepts

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posted on 2012-01-01, 00:00 authored by Hisham Elkadi, Michael SharmanMichael Sharman, Yolanda EstebanYolanda Esteban
Vision 2 develops and tests a collaborative model with a diverse level of stakeholders towards redefining and revitilizing central Geelong. The project is a formal (MoU) collaboration between the City of Greater Geelong (CoGG), Deakin University, Committee for Geelong (CFG) and the Department of Planning and Community Development (DPCD), to develop the new vision. A series of modules and outputs were explored and investigated to facilitate the substantial cross-discipline engagement across the different levels of stakeholders. Deakin University staff were in positions of director and leadership roles to organize and facilitate aspects of the project. The project was commissioned by Committee for Geelong and funded by Department of Planning and Community Development.

Following the Design Workshop, a range of speculative thinking was organised and consolidated into a number of thematic concepts as communicable design outputs for engagement and discussion.

Under the guidance of Vision 2 project members, students of the School of Architecture and Built Environment were charged with the responsibility of synthesising and articulating the thought processes and essential discourse captured from the workshop. This synthesis resulted in the 15 “thematic concepts” that were then integrated into ensuing Vision 2 project engagement activities and events. Each of the concepts was conceptualised with a short written description, several design principles and a visual graphic illustration demonstrating its physical application in relation to central Geelong.

The Thematic Concepts were then used for engagement within the project, local media, and the public. Design posters were produced to communicate each concept, with shorter accompanying ‘postcards’ for dispersing the information. The series became central to an ongoing public Vision 2 exhibition held in Geelong, as well as other satellite engagement activities in the community. Their purpose was to raise discussion, engage response and to become ingredients to the larger picture to what central Geelong could become.



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Developed design work (thematic concepts) derived from workshop activities for later stages of the Vision 2 project

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