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Voices and Visions Online Tutorial

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posted on 2004-01-01, 00:00 authored by Lucinda McKnightLucinda McKnight
The National Asian Languages and Studies in Australian Schools (NALSAS) Strategy was a
cooperative initiative of the Commonwealth, State and Territory governments. The
programmes it established continue to support enhanced and expanded provision for Asian
languages and Asian studies through all school systems, with the aim of improving Australia’s
capacity and preparedness to interact internationally, in particular with Asian countries.
Through the NALSAS Strategy, the Commonwealth Government funded Curriculum
Corporation to develop and publish the Voices & Visions series of CD-ROMs. Each CD-ROM
is a package of authentic and topical primary source materials about a particular country,
including contemporary and traditional material presenting non-stereotypical images. The
audience for the CD-ROMs is secondary teachers and students in years 10–12.
There are four titles in the series:
• Voices & Visions from Indonesia
• Voices & Visions from China
• Voices & Visions from Japan
• Voices & Visions from India
The Voices & Visions CD-ROMs have been developed to:
• encourage English teachers to move beyond ‘traditional’ texts and integrate
non-English-based texts in their teaching;
• enhance English teachers’ understanding of and skills in the use of CD-ROMbased
multimedia and ICT; and
• expand English teachers’ critical and cultural literacies so that the studies of Asia
emphases are incorporated more effectively.
To support teachers in the use of this resource, a professional development programme has
been developed, consisting of the following.
• An online introductory tutorial to support a broad audience in the use of Voices
& Visions CD-ROMs: Indonesia, China, Japan and India. The online tutorial can
be found on the NALSAS website at
• A one-day train-the-trainer programme to support the delivery of professional
development in relation to Voices & Visions from Indonesia (developed in 2002).
• Completed delivery of the train-the-trainer programme in all states and territories in
• Adaptation of the one-day train-the-trainer programme to incorporate all of the
four Voices & Visions CD-ROMs. These materials are available online as a PDF
file on the NALSAS website.
Funding for the project was provided by the Commonwealth Department of Education,
Science and Training (DEST) under the National Asian Languages and Studies in Australian
Schools (NALSAS) Strategy. The professional development project is managed by the Asia
Education Foundation (AEF). This resource is the online tutorial.



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This resource accompanied the development of the Commonwealth funded Voices and Visions CD-ROM series sent to all schools in Australia.

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