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Colour is a Verb

posted on 2019-05-23, 00:00 authored by David Batchelor, David CrossDavid Cross, David Sequeira, David Thomas
Colour is a Verb



Dominick Mersch Gallery, Sydney

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Colour is Verb was a curatorial project that investigated the connection between colour and action or gesture in a performative sense. As one of four artists who contributed to this project, my work sought to highlight the ways in which colour as utilised in contemporary artworks could be activated by performative actions. Two of my works Trio (2017) and Stacks (2019) were included in the exhibition both of which offered different inflections on the idea of colour as a verb or as an action. Trio was conceived as a three person performance work that sought to link the experience of interpersonal engagement between artist and audience with monochramatic painting. The work asked how the live and participatory aspect of Trio might elicit new understandings of the meaning and resonance of colour. The work Stacks first presented in 2019 for Five Walls gallery highlighted a different understanding off this relationship prefacing the idea of the labour of production (the performance of layering hundreds of pieces of PVC vinyl on to one another to create a perfect stack). The research was connected through a shared utilisation of PVC vinyl in both projects that drew a connection between formalist abstraction in art and the material and colour scheme of children bouncy castles. Colour as a Verb was curated by Dr David Sequeira, Director of Margaret Laurence Gallery, VCA gallery and shown at Dominick Mersch Gallery in Sydney.It featured the work of leading Australian artists David Sequeira and David Thomas as well as the work of leading Scottish artist David Batchelor. Batchelor is the author of two leading studies of colour in contemporary art, Chromophobia and The Luminous and the Grey as well as the editor of there anthology Colour publishes by MIT Press. The project was discussed in the Austrlalian publication Art Collector.

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Colour is a verb. Exhibition (2019 : Sydney, New South Wales)


Dominick Mersch Gallery, Sydney

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Sydney, N.S.W.

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