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Digital Regional Arts Park

posted on 2023-10-26, 04:40 authored by Karen Le RossignolKaren Le Rossignol
Digital Regional Arts Park



Zoom, COVID lockdown 2 days previously - originally planned for Richardson Room, Kyneton Town Hall, Kyneton

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digital Regional Arts Park is a digital storyworld laboratory presented at the Digital Communities event run by the Arts Action project (partners Deakin, PopUpArt NFP, five regional central Victorian councils, Federal Building Our Future Fund). The exhibition of 19 March 2020 has been extended by allowing public access to the website and distributing the web address to the regional community.

Research statement

BACKGROUND Interactive digital narrative (IDN) is a cohesive body of research arising from the nexus between digital media, interactivity and narrative (Murray 1997, 2018; Koenitz et al. 2015; Ryan 2008, 2014). IDN is defined as an expressive narrative form in digital media, with a multiform digital system containing potential narratives, experienced through a participatory process (Koenitz 2015). This creative artefact explores the question of: How does the multiform digital storyworld system design integrate Murray’s (1997) agency, immersion and transformation into potential meaning-making narratives and participatory co-creative processes? CONTRIBUTION The digital Regional Arts Park (dRAP) as an IDN creative ecosystem applies multiform/transmedia and multisequential digital story embracing the digital medium as a narrative with Murray’s (2018) interconnecting chains of causation in collective knowledge-creation. The co-creative empathy built between interviewer/interviewees explored the same community artistic, social and cultural story of disruption and resilience from differing points of view. This opened up the scenarios embedded in the storyworld system to recontextualization and increased flexibility. SIGNIFICANCE The work was presented as a curated digital public exhibition/event at a Digital Regional Communities zoom seminar on 19th March 2020, demonstrating meaning-making through narrative and co-creative processes. This research grew from an arts industry request to partner with PopUpArts NFP, five central Victorian councils and Federal Building Our Future funding. The digital storyworld’s IDN design has been cited globally as ‘important, innovative work in the field of technology-enabled storytelling and makes a significant original contribution to knowledge’ (Wilson, Loughborough University, UK 2020).

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incorporated into html and wordpress sites (large files) digital storyworld laboratory - embedded html platform immersing in central Victorian space/place - includes: 3xmp3 audio files Wordpress site includes 7 tabs (3 not yet completed, awaiting co-creation) incorporates 4 case studies text/visual/links, meeting/zoom/workshop/themed discussion storytelling pages


Digital Communities. Event (2020 : 3rd Kyneton, Victoria)


Arts Action program with PopUpArt NFP

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