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Dowsing for Stories: Finding 'Time' in-situ

posted on 2022-10-23, 22:40 authored by Jondi Keane
Dowsing for Stories: Finding 'Time' in-situ



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DOWSING FOR STORIES: FINDING ‘TIME’ IN-SITU. A series of workshops / walk-shops, facilitated by Jondi Keane, Katie Lee, Pia Ednie-Brown, Misha Myers, David Turnbull, Tim Neale, and Catherine Phillips, will engage the site of Ceres to explore the intersection of the history & specificities of place in relation to the sensations of immediate & deep time. delivered as part of the Situated Practice symposium organised by SSN/ADI. The session structure: 3:30-3:50 >> Introduction and discussion of session approach with panel of facilitators 3:50 – 4:30 >> WORKSHOPS WALK-SHOP activities 2 maybe 3 activities run concurrently --see below) 4:30 - 5:00 Reconvene entire group to share findings and discuss the experience.

Research statement

Background The Society and Science Network / ADI held “Situated Practice symposium” on 24-25 June 2021 across three locations internationally. I organized, facilitated, and delivered a workshop at the Melbourne session that addressed the themes of the symposium connecting site specific activities to engage with the notion of site and to explore the intersection of the history & specificities of place in relation to the sensations of immediate & deep time. Contribution The workshops/walkshops offered a creative arts research perspective to the symposium by providing a connection between conceptual, perceptual and sensory aspects of knowledge acquisition and production or, as the creative artist say, thinking through making. The event brought together creative practitioner with anthropologists, sociologists, designers and cultural historians to expand notion of practice into experiential modes of learning and exchange. Significance The organizers of the symposium recognized and were pleased to incorporate the performative and making aspects of situated practice to reinforce the embodied component of situated and distributed sense making. The facilitators of the activities drew upon their ongoing engagement with site, history, and material culture to emphasize the importance of situated practice for all modes of research.


Katie Lee, Angela Myers, Tim Neale, David Turnbull, Catherine Phillips

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