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Dueling Personas

posted on 2019-12-10, 00:00 authored by David MarshallDavid Marshall
Dueling Personas



Fame and Fandom: Functioning On and Offline


This research is connected to a series of related productions I have made on publicly avaialbel websites over the last 7 years. I will endeavour to link these as I advance each of them on Elements into a related public portfolio


University of Western Australia


Margarette Fairweather Room, Hackett Hall, UWA

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Perth, W.A.

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Dueling Persona is a reconstructed image that works to bring the meaning of current research into persona studies into a visual whole. The duel represented through a building of several images pulls together the tension of performance of the self via the "keyboard", the expression of emotion, the contemporary conversion into algorithms, that captures our newly anxious version of online persona. There are dueling identities as billions now reconstruct themselves through these shared emotional versions of themselves that are converted and programmatically shared as binary codes for further prompted "likes", promotions and advertising.

Research statement

The presentation of ideas in scholarly environments is never comprehensively articulated and conveyed through text. Dueling Personas is a visual congealing of the way that contemporary culture is now negotiating a new realm of public identity in online culture. It is designed to be a provocation on two intellectual trajectories or postures. On the one hand, the website and the attached slides that are positioned by the overarching designed image of the Dueling Personas, provides an aggregation of knowledge around the contemporary formation of public identity and its formations of strategic value. On the other hand, Dueling Personas is an illustration, an emotional transfer of scholarly research into persona and persona studies and reconfigured into a creative expression. The power of this creative expression is that it captures intellectual inquiry as it also duels with the hierarchization of knowledge from science to social sciences; to humanities and the arts, and then on again to creative arts. CONTRIBUTION Very little work in scholarship has explored and positioned itself in this regular formation of creative knowledge. This particular production, via its presentation publicly (at UWA) and through its continuous presence online, is designed to not only identify this creative practice locus, but also further initiate its consideration of the related ideas around the meaning of online persona in contemporary culture. Research such as Richlin (2001), and Riley and Hunter (2009) have explored this creative world of conveying knowledge, but limited to pedagogy and perhaps creative exhibition structures in museums. SIGNIFICANCE This work thus represents the beginning of an important and neglected research direction: the place of the creative in scholarly production and the production of this creative work with focus, effort and value in making sense of a concept/knowledge. This work then exemplifies this dual research trajectory.

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