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Exchange Value

posted on 2019-02-16, 00:00 authored by Patrick Pound
Exchange Value



Exchange Value. Exhibition (2019 : Brisbane, Queensland)


QUT Art Museum, Queensland.


QUT Art Museum, Queensland

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QUT Art Museum, Queensland.

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Patrick Pound is an artist and academic rethinking ideas of curation and collection. He has worked with many Public Gallery and Museum collections, alongside his ever-growing collection-based artworks, rethinking how things might be found and made to hold ideas. Pound's research is increasingly focused on public gallery and museum exhibitions that rethink collection and display models and unpack how things might be found to hold and express ideas differently in gallery and museum contexts. The research and creative practice entail positioning the collection as a medium. This research also investigates new methods of interconnecting collection works using internet search methods as an organizing system for finding, ordering and displaying collections as artworks. Pound's practice-led research asks questions of our understandings of sorting and storing and searching information in the internet age, pressing us to rethink museum models of collection and display. In 2019 Pound was curated into a QUT Art Museum exhibition by Kevin Wilson. 'Exchange Value' was installed at the QUT Art Museum. . Combining hundreds of found photographs adding up to a narrative documentary of sorts. Pound put to the test how found photographs from the defunct archives of newspapers, cinema and family photographs might be found and made to hold ideas differently. Museum visitors had to test their wits against the collection as they sort to piece together the narrative implications of a collection of apparently unrelated found photographs.

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JC1 Curated Exhibition or Event – Web-based exhibition


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A collection of found photographs

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