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VACANTCity 1000 years BackForward Exhibition

VACANTCity 1000 years BackForward Exhibition



Geelong ARTS INDUSTRY COMMISSION/ VACANTCitY 1000 years BackForward




City of Greater Geelong


Centrepoint Arcade, Ryrie Street, Geelong

Place of publication

Geelong, Vic.

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Research statement

In a participatory event occupying Centre Point Arcade in Geelong this project re-models the city. VACANTGeelong, a research initiative at Deakin University, has built its model of engagement through creative projects over five years. A response to urban strategy and vision drive the creation of a large scale interpretive model of the city. The model's production explores industrial manufacturing as integral to the creative process, intersecting precision and efficiency with stories and perception. Its installation in the brutalist concrete and steel frame/glazed roof architectural interior of the arcade, weave references to mapping, language, Corio Bay, Barwon River, and industrial vacancy, mixing scales and temporalities. The model explores 3-dimensionality (space-architecture) as it interfaces with 2-dimensionality (drawing-text-representation), producing a space that resonates with histories, protest, and presences that evoke often forgotten absence in official representations of the city. The artistic and curatorial programme brings together artists, industry experts, young creatives and school and community groups to work together to draw, write, debate, film, photograph, perform and re-model Geelong. Two provocateurs - Jose Rodriguez (architect) and Liz Cameron (First Nations Artists - Kiri Weaks (First Nations, emerging); Natasha Johns Messenger (internationally renowned); Steven Rhall (First Nations, established); Sarah Walker and Trevor Ah Hang (local artists). Bringing their lens and craft, the Workshops stirred new observations and experiences of the Arcade and the City of Geelong. The curatorial documentation of the workshops will form a creative digital work and website.

Publication classification

JO2 Original Creative Works – Design/Architectural work


NTRO Major


10 colour PHOTOGRAPHs - installation / physical model event- creative workshops film

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