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A Few Appliances and Avatars Talk about Climate Change

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posted on 2024-06-04, 11:52 authored by S Reis, Cameron BishopCameron Bishop
A Few Appliances and Avatars Talk about Climate Change



Fivewalls Gallery

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A Few Appliances and Avatars Talk about Climate Change is an exhibition that incorporates a variety of objects that literally talk to one another. Using sensors, that pick up the presence of people, to activate old televisions, computer screens, fridges and microwave ovens these appliances and deep fake avatars talk to each other about the most pressing issue of our times, climate change.

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Background Bishop and Reis speculate on the internet of things, a future dialogue between avatars and machines that in the singularity gets confused about what is who and who is what. In an objective abstraction ideology is moot, while old analogue forms, digital networks and avatars continue to debate an issue that was lost at COP26. This was the exhibition statement and it follows many years where Bishop and Reis have explored the confluence of new and old technologies and their affect on various kinds of publics - in this case at Fivewalls Gallery. Contribution We use sensor technology and deep fake programming to investigate the shifting nature of identity in what Hito Steyerl describes as the post-digital age. Where peoples' voices and facial expressions can be perfectly simulated this asks some pertinent questions around our fundamental subjectivities, not to mention our relationship to democracy. This work, like other B & R projects, sits in the field of new media enquiry and media archaeology, using analogue technologies to subvert and disrupt our easy - and some would say disappearing - relations with machines. Significance This work comes out of an exhibition hiatus (lockdowns), but deep studio research where new software techniques and hardware interfaces were tested. The exhibition was curated into the program at Fivewalls by a panel of artists/researchers at the gallery. Fivewalls is a longstanding gallery and studio complex in Melbourne's west and serves as a hub for artists and researchers to exhibit and debate contemporary issues related to abstraction as a field of practice. This builds on the work and the research standing of the work, which has been recognised in other critical frames through grants, curated public art projects, awards, book chapters and symposia.

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A Few Appliances and Avatars Talk about Climate Change


Fivewalls Gallery

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Fivewalls Gallery