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Don't Look Look Now

posted on 2019-10-16, 00:00 authored by Rosemary WoodcockRosemary Woodcock, Olivia MillardOlivia Millard, Shaun McLeodShaun McLeod, Dario Dacirca
Don't Look Look Now



Venetian Blind. Exhibition (2019 : Venice, Italy)


European Cultural Centre


Palazzo Bembo, Venice

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Venice, Italy

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DON’T LOOK LOOK NOW features elements of dance, film, poetry, performance, and animation. It encourages viewers to consider Venice as a film set/city constructed as much by the flows of slaves, migrants and tourists - of images and memories - as by the stone and waters that define the ‘Venice’ experience. The title references the 1973 film Don't Look Now (Dir. Nicolas Roeg), construing imagery of death by execution through the movement of spoken words and the gasps between, in movement impelled, present yet slipping away, and that of a head that rolls inexorably through Venice’s past and into the present.

Research statement

This work was developed in collaboration with Deakin SCCA creative arts colleagues as part of the Venetian Blind project curated by Profs David Cross and Cameron Bishop. In response to the provocation from the curators, we produced audio-visual material featuring dance, spoken word and stop-motion animation sequences. My role in the final piece involved the sound design and titles for the video. I recorded the sound of church bells as a motif to capture the pulse of Venice, and a rhythm to accompany the movements of the dancers. In response to the dance and voice elements, I designed and shot the sequence of the red raincoat sliding into the canal, as a reference to both 'headlessness' (re executioner provocation), and to the ambiguous figure in the red coat in the 1973 film Don't Look Now (Dir. Nicolas Roeg). Extending the provocation's reference to Roeg's film, I produced a repurposed View Master stereoscopic 3D device, inserting two complementary views of Donald Sutherland (the main protagonist) into the device. This produced a 'duoscopic' quasi-3D view of Sutherland's nose. Exploration of duoscopic 'broken' stereoscopy, is an ongoing conceptual theme in my work. Such duoscopic constructs reference principles of vision science and human binocular perception in a physical/material way through both analogue and digital technology, including VR. My experiments with technical apparatus link conceptually to the intersections between art and science in my research, which I have investigated elsewhere using the notion of 'duology' to create a mode of discursive practice for myself that sits between the sciences 'scientistically' (e.g. article 'REMAINS THE PROPERTY of dirt and broken glass'). The duoscopic piece Don't Look Look Now elaborates work produced for other NTROs (e.g. RE-FILL 2017) and was the instigation for an SSN funded VR & Amblyopia project (2019-) involving an interdisciplinary SCCA-School of Medicine/Optometry research team.

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JR3 Recorded/Rendered Creative Works – Inter-arts


NTRO Minor


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