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Drawing performance

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posted on 2024-06-18, 11:39 authored by J Keane
Drawing performance foreground the act of drawing as an environmental attunement to the events and features of the surroundings. Consistent with my other drawing performances and my ongoing bimanual drawing practice, the performative aspect emphasizes the live ongoing embodied relationship that drawing makes visible and register as part of an ecology of events. Further this work reinforces an commitment to collective and collaborative work


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Drawing Performance

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art original




For this event, I was invited to participate in a exhibition curated by women architects who selected and organized the activities for a one-day, live broadcast. My role was to be in service of the event and to support and be an ally for the unfolding of the stories and approaches collected under the rubric of “The Jane Approach and, through the drawing to register the affective weather and tone of the event.

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J2 Minor original creative work


Drawing = 10m x 1.8m charcoal drawn over 5 hours / part of a group of collective and individual performative activations, discussions and exhibition and Live Broadcast


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Melbourne, Vic.