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posted on 2011-01-01, 00:00 authored by J McArdle
Fruiting bodies represents human engagement with and consciousness of a corresponding presence in our landscape. ʻFruiting Bodiesʼ is an instance of the application of this practice employed to ask the viewer to consider how strange is the phenomenon of the fruiting tree. Is it promiscuous to offer your seed openly to the elements, to any who will take it. Is this forbidden? Is it profligate to hide your progeny inside gifts so tempting in their appeal to that most primitive desire, hunger? Is this wholly mere biological expedience evolved to ensure the widest migration of your offspring? Or does it derive from some boundless cosmic generosity? These images invite you to come close to the tree, where within its arms you will find shelter from the sun at its zenith and from the autumnal rains. Fruit is the focus of Jamesʼs lens as it circles deep into the embrace of limbs and leaves.



Castlemaine State Festival

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Castlemaine, Vic.

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art original




Exhibited in 'Fruiting Bodies' as part of the Castlemaine State Festival 1-10 April 2011, from 1 April to 31 May 2011. The Festival is a ten day multi-arts celebration that draws on the distinctive culture of the central Victorian goldfields region and its dynamic community strengths. Held in autumn every two years, the festival showcases works from the region’s finest artists and performing arts companies, alongside national and international artists. Audiences are in excess of 50,000. The 2011 Festival theme 'Pressing Matters' was curated from submissions of printmaking and digital imaging, inclusion in the umbrella theme and its promotion in a published catalogue involved a competitive process.

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J2 Minor original creative work; JO1 Original creative work - Visual art work

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2011, The Creator


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