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Light Pool

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posted on 2024-06-03, 17:33 authored by Lienors TorreLienors Torre, R Woodcock
'Light Pool' is a collaboration between Dr Lienors Torre and Dr Rose Woodcock. This work is part of a curated exhibition 'LightTime', which opened July 1 2017 and runs until April 2018.


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art original



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RM 33377


Description of work – ‘Light Pool’ 2017 Concept and design: Lienors Torre and Rose Woodcock ‘Light Pool’ consists of several inter-related components. The largest component is a 6m diameter ‘room’, consisting of a circular steel rail suspended by cables 2.5m above the ground. White polyester scrim fabric is hung flat to form a 2.5m high circular area. The room provides a defined space for visitors to enter and experience the focal element of the Light Pool work. The 6m ‘room’ is the overall footprint of the ‘Light Pool’ work. Visitors enter the work through a 2m wide gap in the fabric wall of the room. In the centre, they encounter a hollow circular timber ‘pool’ structure, 2 meters in diameter and approx. 1.2 meters high. The sides of the pool are plywood, painted black inside and out. Timber capping provides a smooth top edge. A flat white felt circle on the base provides a clean white surface for the lenses: approx. 400 magnifying lenses (diameters 50mm, 65mm, 80mm and 100mm) cover the base of the pool. Above the ‘lens pool’ is an illuminated neon light in the outlined shape of a stylized cloud, dimensions approx. 5m x 2m. The neon cloud is suspended by cables high above the pool. Power to the neon cloud is a single 240v source, incorporating a dimmer which allows the cloud to remain partially dimmed when ‘at rest’ and fully illuminated when triggered by visitor interaction. Upon entering the ‘room’ visitors are able to move around the space between the interior wall and the sides of the ‘pool’, and by looking down into it, see the cloud reflected multiple times in the magnifying lenses below. An ambient soundtrack of water lapping can be heard when leaning over the pool.

Publication classification

J2 Minor original creative work


‘Light Pool’ explores the interaction between light as an illuminating object (such as a neon light), and light as it is held within a reflective solid object (such as a lens). The work sets up a space for visitors to reflect on the relationship between these elements.


Museums Victoria

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Melbourne, Vic.