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Located act 4

posted on 2016-11-12, 00:00 authored by Tonya MeyrickTonya Meyrick
Located act 4




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X Not reportable, J2 Minor original creative work

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2016, The Memo, Yarra Ranges Galleries


Located Act 4, 914mm x 2000 mm, photographic print on canvas. Located Act 4 visually explores states of the in-between situated within the practice of landscape photography in a post-colonial frame. The digital photographic work is part of a research series continuing notions of liminality and the deception of memory, perception and the real. The work continues the frame of Acts 1-3, and offers a deep blue hue in graduation to dawn; as dreamlike elements perform as perceptible memories to the theoretical concerns imbued in the work. The size of the work as a large unframed print on canvas, actively seeks a physical engagement with the audience via a centrality of vision. The artwork hangs a metre out from the wall and the work sways in the breeze, to ensure the audience is located at a site for the production of meaning and this captures a mixed reality, between artwork, vision, audience and experience. This is achieved to engage with the multi-sequential narratives surrounding perception and memories visually and theoretically traversed throughout the series. This is part of the ongoing exploration of states of the in-between and is act 4 in a series of 7 artworks. The work is exhibited in the Yarra Ranges, because the work explores the narrative of the decay of memory experienced in this location. Exhibiting here allows a cyclic dialogue with notions of place, home, longing and loss.


The Memo, Yarra Ranges Galleries

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Healesville, Vic.


Trace Memory: After Decay