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Notes on Light and Air (Shoreline Score)

posted on 2023-03-01, 04:58 authored by Katie LeeKatie Lee
Notes on Light and Air (Shoreline Score)



Public Space- Jack's Reserve, Bittern VIC

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Notes on Light and Air (Shoreline Score) is a temporary public artwork that was exhibited in the curated public art festival Front Beach Back Beach on the Mornington Peninsula in November 2022. Curated by David Cross, Cameron Bishop and Danny Lacey, this ambitious public art festival was located across three activity hubs across Victoria's Mornington Peninsula. This festival engaged local stories, communities and cultural heritage into a series of public artworks that challenged and acknowledged local knowledge, and the role art can play in telling stories.

Research statement

Background In a post-colonial context it is critical to incorporate context as part of an artworks content (Ahmed 2015, Butler 2011, Groys 2020, Osborne 2013). Social, cultural, material and environmental concerns must be accounted for when evaluating impact. This is a complex space for contemporary artists to work within as it requires navigating the implicit and explicit histories that all sites and contexts that artwork is exhibited in, as well as curatorial and/or institutional frameworks. These complex factors necessarily impact artists’ individual research concerns and requires each artist to determine an approach to how these factors will influence their work. Contribution Notes on Light and Air (Shoreline Score) is a large-scale public-artwork with live performances exhibited on local council land at Bittern (Vic). The site was selected to engage the above research concerns; it has a colonial history well-known to the local community and a less well-known indigenous and ecological history. The work was competitively selected by Prof. David Cross and Assoc. Prof. Cameron Bishop (nationally recognised public art specialists) into the curated public-art festival Front Beach Back Beach. The work critically addressed issues surrounding the politics and complexity of making art in public space within a regional Australian context. Significance The work successfully navigated key concerns using an innovative research approach; significant consultation (environmentalists, indigenous elders, local community and the curatorial team) and a unique form of durational ‘field work’ including somatic mapping processes, performance development and traditional literature research. Positioned as a ‘score’ the work was influenced by changing site conditions and the visiting public, which in turn facilitated further discussion and sharing of knowledge. This unique will be analysed in TROs including a proposed book chapter (2023). There was significant local engagement, (over 150pp at each performance/day).


Notes on Light and Air (Shoreline Score)


Front Beach Back Beach Public Art Fesitival

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Jack's Reserve, Bittern, VIC

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