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Organic Grid

posted on 2023-08-24, 05:53 authored by Shelley HanniganShelley Hannigan
Organic Grid



online: and at conference venue: Çanakkale Onsekiz Mart University (COMU)

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Background Making public, ecological and sustainable art practices important ways to activate climate change art practices and education. Organic Grid emerged from years of sustainable art practice research, observing and collaborating with nature. This body of work specifically resulted from collaborating with silk-worms by raising them and allowing them a free environment to cocoon and hatch. Imprints and stained marks emerged on papers placed in their habitat, photgraphs and silk cocoons were processed. This work showcases silk-worm cocoons, felted (Mawata) then stitched together to portray individual organic forms in a hanging grid formation - then photographed. Contribution This digital photograph includes my mawata hang, installed in a 'site of art education and making'. This site includes a window into an organic garden space which along wit the artwork is biophilic. It juxtaposes engagement with the more or other than human, with human habits of ordering which is sometimes at the expense of nature. It is research into smooth and striated spaces of art education, in context to climate change and the biophillic. It has been peer reviewed and accepted by the Jury for the International Digital Exhibition at the International Society for Education in the Arts (INSEA) World Congress, Sept 2023, Turkiye (see attached letter). Significance We are at a time where we are faced with climate catastrophies one the one hand and threats to art education on the other. This work highlights both issues by showing my biophillic, sustainable art practice with a sense of troubled order. This is an 'ideal space or site of art education' where art education can thrive when it is in and with nature. Too much order in our schools and education systems stifle the arts and art education but some order is needed. Indigenous perspectives and nature offer us knowledges of successful ordering. Organic Grid is a symbol for a way forward for art and art education while caring for our environment and its inhabitants.

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Digital photograph developed from fibre-art installation, in Juried Exhibition

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Acceptance letter: Thank you for responding to the InSEA World Congress 2023 Call for Proposals. It is our pleasure to inform you that your submission Digital Exhibition, "Organic Grid" was accepted for inclusion in the program for the InSEA World Congress 2023 to be held at Çanakkale Onsekiz Mart University in Turkey from September 4-8, 2023. We received a large number of proposals for this congress and relied upon a double-blind peer review and assessment process. The peer review process required careful thought and consideration in terms of a proposal’s objective, theoretical framework, methods/ data sources, suitability/ relevance, quality, and overall program balance. The caliber of the proposals submitted was excellent—making the acceptance competitive.


InSEA World Congress Juried Exhibition 2023


InSEA World Congress 2023, Turkiye

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Canakkale, Turkiye and the online proceedings for the InSEA World Congress 2023

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