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Pre-valence: Modelling the Conditions for Life

posted on 2019-02-08, 00:00 authored by Jondi Keane
Pre-valence: Modelling the Conditions for Life



RMIT Gallery, Melbourne


RMIT Gallery, Melbourne

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Melbourne, Vic.




the live performances were done intermittently throughout the duration of the exhibition in which the artist drew on the black board where his image had been projected.

Research statement

Background My practice-led research investigates how artworks enable reconfigurations of the body-environment relationship. By changing how perceptual and conceptual processes interact at different scales of action (e.g. the juncture of vision and touch), my studies the extent to which any change in a network of relationships affects the entire field. Each artwork explores a different body-environment juncture aligning creative research with approaches in cognitive science, and process philosophy to set up an “ecology of practices” (Stengers 2005). Contribution This work deploys of videos, recorded audio, live performance and installation to reveal the cognitive tendencies (perceptual and conceptual) and habitual modes of sensing, thinking and acting (pre-valences) in order to model the behaviors that select the features of the shared environment. When encountering others and otherness such modelling practices take on the political dimension. Significance The transdisciplinary work continues my research into the contribution that creative arts make to the study of embodied cognition—a trajectory that began with experimental, performative and participatory installations over the last two decades )at the Slought Foundation, IMA Brisbane, Senselab Montreal, ECC Venice), stemming from a partnership with renown artists, Arakawa and Gins, and my role as co-applicant on a SSHRC grant, Immediations. And led to my organization of high-profile International conference on Art and Embodied Cognition at Deakin. This work informs recent publications in the Immediations Anthology (OHP 2019) and the coauthored book, Creative Measures of the Anthropocene (Palgrave 2019).

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Curated exhibition with printed catalogue. Large scale video projections and performative installation and audio

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