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Seeing not looking

posted on 2023-02-08, 03:44 authored by Anne WilsonAnne Wilson
Seeing not looking



Mars Gallery, Windsor, ARS Electronica, Austria POSTCiTY, Linz

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'Seeing Not Looking' is a video art work that is also the subject of an artists talk/presentation. It aims to reveal problems between humans and new technologies and the incomprehensible language used in creating artificial intelliigence in contrast to how it impacts our sense of self.

Research statement

‘Seeing not looking’ poses the question: are humans conditioning artificial intelligence? Is something beyond the physical influencing how Artifical Intelligence ‘reads’ humans? The title refers to an anecdote by Oliver Sacks in which a blind person given sight could not see because (Sacks proposes) he did not look. Although the drone has an eye, does it ‘see’ us and if the performers focus on it, is a relationship set up that goes beyond what is expected? The work evolved over repeated exposure and in writing a chapter for a book, I discovered a similar experiment that revealed AI behaved in unpredictable ways when repeated exposed to living beings (baby chicks). Using a similar methodology as ‘Ghost in the Machine’ the work is more nuanced, asking a different question. New tensions emerged as two humans interacted with the same autonomous pre programmed drone camera, instead of one human. This brought about a dynamic that did not exist with only one human. The work introduces the actual language of Artificial Intelligence, as an interface that disconnects humans from AI. Proposed as an alphabet, the language seeks to connect the humans with the machine/drone . It proposes that the language of binary codes is a ‘hidden alphabet’ a new language dominating digital culture. Outcome Mars Gallery Windsor, curated by Brie Trenerry A presentation and artist talk curated by Lubi Thomas ‘Out of the Box’ ARS Electronica 40th Festival. Essay Keane,J., ‘Notes on ‘Seeing not looking’ ISBN # 978-1-944242-57-2

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Selected by curator Lubi Thomas to represent Australian artists at the 40th Festival of ARS Electronica (along with a collaboration).


ARS Electronica 'Out of the Box' (2019 : Windsor, Victoria)


Mars Gallery, ARS Electronica 'Out of the Box' 2019

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Windsor, Vic.