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Stare (Red)

posted on 2019-09-07, 00:00 authored by David CrossDavid Cross
Stare (Red)



Yell Space


Yell Space M50 Shanghai

Place of publication

Shanghai, China



Research statement

Stare (Red) is a photographic and sound-based project that examines how the activation of an uncanny dimension might shift our understanding of the non-preferred human body. Consisting of a photograph of the artist positioned behind a PVC vinyl mask staring towards the viewer, the work seeks to create a sense of visual confusion that blurs ideas of play with the language of horror. These dimensions we're accentuated by the addition of a mobile phone device, the number of which was printed in the left hand corner of the photograph. The audience in the gallery space were able to call this number to access a secondary video work which depicted the same subject matter as the photo but in the form of a moving image of the eyes blinking asa they stare at the viewer. Stare (Red) continues a focus on the representation of the abject body and specifically how photography might be utilised to both allure and repel the viewer simultaneously. In this interpolation, the work seeks to recast pejorative readings of the abject body by opening up a liminal space that straddles both beauty and the grotesque. Drawing on research from as far back as 2006 and specifically the performance project Bounce, Stare (Red) seeks to extend this original research into how technology such as mobile phones and social media platforms might extend this investigation into contemporary technologies and modes of dissemination. The work was first shown in a group exhibition Will You Call Me at Yell Space, M50 in Shanghai, China in September 2019 and curated by Joyce Huang.

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JO4 Original Creative Works – Other

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