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The Carbon Concern

posted on 2020-03-12, 00:00 authored by Shelley HanniganShelley Hannigan
The Carbon Concern



Energetical. Exhibition (2020 : Geelong, Victoria)


Shelley Hannigan


Deakin University Prime Ministerial Library Gallery, Deakin Waterfront

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Geelong, Vic.

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This work was exhibited along with two of my other works Cocoon Lines and X-Ray Dress-art print 1, in the Energetical Exhibition at the Geelong Waterfront Gallery of Deakin University. This was group exhibition with other leading women artists of the Geelong Region: Anne Wilson, Jane Bartier, Anindita Banerjee, Sarah Walker and Amber Smith. This exhibition was part of the Energetical Symposium at Platform Arts and Deakin University. This work emerged as part of my research into Place, during the bushfire events that burnt on Eastern New South wales and Victoria in January 2020. At my other home, on the Kapiti Coast of New Zealand, the smoke could be seen. On-line I watched satellite images that showed how these plumes of smoke rotated around the globe. I collected blackened driftwood and carbon sediments from the beaches in New Zealand, that appeared to be from the bushfires in Australia. I brought some of these black pieces of driftwood back home to Australia where they were sprayed, checked and discussed at customs. This process of learning about these climate events, travelling, being in two of my home places and going through the process of preparing these artefacts and clearing them with customs officials was an important part of this research project. 'The Carbon Concern' encompasses this process but also the interconnection of the carbon issues we all face. Many of us a concerned by carbon - some want carbon stored in land to address deficiency, some are exploring ways to remove it from the atmosphere or upcycle it. The carbon concern represents crucial choices and decisions we all have to make for our future. I have also hand woven 'ropes' and stitched the boat. protective coverings of the carbon artefacts (burnt driftwood) come from my collaboration with silk-worms and are remnants of their cocoons.

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