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Water-Lily is one work in a solo exhibition entitled Peripheral Vision: Surface Tension. The exhibition coincided with the AusGlass Conference 2023 and was listed as a satellite activity. The surface of objects can be deceptive and ambiguous. The works in this exhibition use glass, animated imagery, and themes of the waterlily to elicit gentle entanglements between leaf and water, object and place, while also acknowledging the material surface of the cinematic screen and its ability to conceal and reveal image.

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Background Historically animation studies focus on screen-based works. By investigating the apparatus and screen materiality, this work questions how they inform each other and contributes to new ways of experiencing the screen-based image. It also lays the groundwork for further investigation of the animated form. Contribution This work investigates the material object as simultaneous screen-based image. Here, the object has no media projected onto it; however, it acts as a recursive lens and employs light and transparency to project its own form up through the piece and display it upon its own surface. The resulting phenomenon illustrates the potential for movement through form and material to blur and define place and object, situating animation and craft practice within the seemingly distinct philosophical contexts of phenomenology and object-oriented ontology. Significance This exhibition was mentioned as an auxiliary event at the AusGlass Conference 2023. It was visited by conference attendees as well as the wider public. As a result of this exhibition and my ongoing work in this field I have been asked to contribute a chapter in the Encyclopedia of Animation Studies Vol. 2.


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1 sculptural glass artwork


Peripheral Vision: Surface Tension


Brunswick Street Gallery

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Brunswick Street Gallery