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World Map

posted on 2023-06-22, 05:22 authored by Mirjana LozanovskaMirjana Lozanovska
World Map



Museo Italiano

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World Map is a creative visual work that art practices of collage, and cartographic practices deploying non-normative ethnographic data, via digital programmes (including photoshop) to explore anonymity and particularity of migratory travel. Displayed as part of a group exhibition involving creative responses to five sites of immigrant labour - Migrant Camps, Snowy Hydro, Port Kembla Steelworks, Woomera, Melbourne Suburbs.

Research statement

Background Immigration centres and industries that employed refugee and immigrant labour in the post war period can be thought of as nodes in an interdependent spatial and transnational labour network. The physical sites and projects featured in this exhibition convey this network, its nodal points and inter-cultural social interactions through a study of Migrant Camps, Snowy hydro-electric power, Woomera (defence) and raw- material production Port Kembla Steelworks, trans-Asian suburbanisation in Melbourne. ARC DPDP190101531 Architecture and Industry: Immigrants' contribution to nation-building, 1945-1979. Contribution World Map is a large format crafted map 1189x1682mm printed on thick art paper. This work reconceptualises the nature of a map by intersecting ontological migratory detail with the world map. It explores scale as intrinsic to the notion of a map – as juxtapositions – the geopolitical scale of official data - migration recruitment data (origin), immigrant employees at the Port Kembla steelworks; the individual scale of each migrant trajectory (name of each migrant and their homeland); migratory (collective and individual) pathways merge onto the Port Kembla steelworks. The map visualises tensions of ontological and geopolitical dimensions to mapping. Significance This work contributes to art and cartographic practices, exploring counter-mapping, with reference to Buckminster Fuller’s 1946 Dymaxion Map. By shifting perspectives - the Antarctica/ and Australia are at the top; Port Kembla is at a larger scale to the rest of the world – the map invites viewers to reflect on and question ‘data’, further drawn into immigrant subjectivity through their names. Shown at the Museo Italiano - national and international venue. Reviewed two international journals (2023), + academic review; Rete Italia (Radio linked to Il Globo newspaper - Australia). Conference paper 2022; Chapter 2023 - see attachments.

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JO1 Original Creative Works – Visual Art Work


1 URL link to the Matterport 3-D scan of the exhibition I pdf describing the critical-creative process of production + the final exhibit 1 jpg of the final map 1 pdf of the final exhibit at opening


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