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A factor confirmation and convergent validity of the "areas of worklife scale" (AWS) to Spanish translation

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posted on 2024-06-13, 10:14 authored by S Gascón, MP Leiter, N Stright, MA Santed, J Montero-Marín, E Andrés, A Asensio-Martínez, J García-Campayo
BACKGROUND: Perceived incongruity between the individual and the job on work-life areas such as workload, control, reward, fairness, community and values have implications for the dimensions of burnout syndrome. The "Areas of Work-life Scale" (AWS) is a practical instrument to measure employees´ perceptions of their work environments. AIMS: Validate a Spanish translation of the AWS, and it relationship with Masclach Burnout Inventory dimensions. METHODS: The study was conducted in three medium-sized hospitals and seven rural and urban Primary Care centres (N = 871) in Spain. The "Maslach Burnout Inventory General Survey" (MBI-GS) and AWS were applied. We developed a complete psychometric analysis of its reliability, and validity. RESULTS: Data on the reliability supported a good internal consistency (Cronbach α between .71, and .85). Construct validity was confirmed by a six factor model of the AWS as a good measure of work environments (χ²(₃₅₂) = 806.21, p < 0.001; χ²/df = 2.29; CFI = 0.935, RMSEA = 0.039); concurrent validity was analysed for its relationship with other measures (opposing dimensions to burnout, and MBI), and each correlation between dimensions and sub-dimensions were statistically significant; as well, predictive validity, by a series of Multiple Regression Analysis examined the resulting patterns of the Confirmatory Factor Analysis (CFA) confirms the relationship between the work-life areas and burnout dimensions. CONCLUSIONS: Leiter and Maslach's AWS has been an important instrument in exploring several work-life factors that contribute to burnout. This scale can now be used to assess the quality of work-life in order to design and assess the need for intervention programs in Spanish-speaking countries.



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