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A novel privacy protection scheme for location-based services using collaborative caching

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posted on 2022-09-29, 01:26 authored by Nisha Nisha, Iynkaran NatgunanathanIynkaran Natgunanathan, Shang GaoShang Gao, Yong XiangYong Xiang
Protecting privacy in Location-based services (LBSs) has been one of the major concerns over the last few years. Users’ queries can reveal sensitive information to LBSs, thus giving an opportunity for the adversaries to track the querying user. Existing location privacy protection mechanisms either use a trusted third party (TTP) or a location obfuscation-based scheme. TTP-based schemes require users to report their location-related information to the TTP before sending a query to the location-based service provider (LSP). Once the TTP is compromised, users’ privacy can be breached. On the other hand, location obfuscation schemes achieve privacy at the cost of accuracy. We address these problems by proposing a collaborative caching-based privacy-preserving scheme for LBSs. The scheme prevents the users’ location information leakage from untrusted communication channels as well as LSP while maintaining the quality of service. The scheme uses a novel dummy location generation technique and a virtual identity mechanism to improve users’ location and identity privacy. Furthermore, one-time spatial groups are created with the nearby neighbors to access the localized services, thus providing less interaction with the untrusted LSP. The proposed work has the potential to preserve users’ location privacy and reduce the computation and communication costs of the system. The aforementioned claims are verified by the experimental results.



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