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A preliminary analysis of barriers, intentions, and attitudes towards moderate physical activity in women who are overweight

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posted on 2008-11-01, 00:00 authored by E Jewson, Michael Spittle, M Casey
Physical activity is important for the health of all individuals, however, the determinants of physical activity behaviour for women who are overweight remain largely unexplored. The purpose of this investigation was to explore a range of factors that influence participation in physical activity for a group of women who are overweight. Participants were 30 women, aged 25–71 years, with a mean age of 46.8 years (+12.95) and an average BMI of 31.2 kg/m2 (+5.6). Self-reported level of physical activity, perceived barriers and facilitators of physical activity, attitudes, intentions and perceived behavioural control to physical activity were measured. Seventeen participants were generally active, with self-reported moderate physical activity of 218.53 min (±113.82) in the last 7 days; whereas 13 participants were reportedly less active 43.46 (±42.98) min. Active participants were more likely to identify social reasons for participating in physical activity, while inactive participants perceived that their laziness prevented them from being physically active. There were no significant differences between active and inactive overweight women for attitude, intention or subjective norm for moderate-intensity physical activity. There was a significant difference between these women in perceived behavioural control (p = .014) for moderate-intensity physical activity, as women who felt more in control of their physical activity behaviour were more likely to engage in physical activity than inactive women. Future research should investigate interventions to increase behavioural control of moderate-intensity physical activity in women who are overweight.



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