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A template-free synthesis via alkaline route for Nb2O5/carbon nanotubes composite as pseudo-capacitor material with high-rate performance

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posted on 2017-05-01, 00:00 authored by G Luo, H Li, D Zhang, L Gao, Tong Lin
In this paper, we report a facile template-free method to prepare the T-Nb2O5/CNTs composite. The addition of ammonia induces the electrostatic interaction between functionalized CNTs and niobic acid colloids during hydrothermal process, resulting in CNTs homogeneously distributed in the T-Nb2O5phase. The obtained T-Nb2O5/CNTs composite shows high rate Li+storage ability with typical intercalation capacitive behaviour. The presence of well-dispersed CNTs in Nb2O5can apparently reduce the limitation from diffusion process and increase the high rate charge-discharge capability. From the galvanostatic tests, a capacity of ∼180 mAh g−1at 1 A g−1and ∼130 mAh g−1at 5 A g−1is attained.



Electrochimica Acta




175 - 181



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