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Assessment of in vitro bioactivity of hyaluronic acid and sulfated hyaluronic acid functionalized electroactive polymer

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posted on 2022-11-30, 01:38 authored by L Cen, K G Neoh, Yali Li, E T Kang
Electrically conductive polypyrrole (PPY) was surface functionalized with hyaluronic acid (HA) and sulfated hyaluronic acid (SHA) to improve its surface biocompatibility. The immobilization of HA on the PPY film was facilitated by the use of a cross-linker having the appropriate functional groups. The biological activity of the HA functionalized PPY film was assessed by means of an in vitro PC12 cell culture. The cell attachment on different substrates was studied and determined by bicinchoninic acid protein analysis. Cell attachment on the HA functionalized PPY film surface was significantly enhanced in the presence of nerve growth factor. The SHA functionalized PPY film was obtained by the sulfonation of the immobilized HA using pyridinesulfonate. The retention of the biological activity of the immobilized HA after sulfonation was evaluated by the in vitro assessment of the plasma recalcification time (PRT) and platelet adhesion on the substrate. The PRT observed from the SHA functionalized PPY film was significantly prolonged compared with the HA functionalized PPY. Some reduction of platelet adhesion was observed for the SHA functionalized PPY film, compared with that of the HA functionalized PPY film. © 2004 American Chemical Society.







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