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Becoming a 21st century literacy teacher:provocations, perceptions and possibilities in teacher education

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posted on 2015-10-14, 00:00 authored by Louise PaatschLouise Paatsch, Anne CloonanAnne Cloonan, Kirsten Hutchison
This paper reports on a study that investigated pre-service teachers’ digital funds of knowledge and their perceptions of the digital pedagogies and practices in early years literacy classrooms. It also explores pre-service teachers’ experiences of “produsing” a cumulative multimodal portfolio (in the form of a wiki) and its application for future literacy teaching and learning. Specifically, 123 education students enrolled in their second year of an undergraduate initial-teacher education course at an Australian university completed an anonymous survey. The results
show that this group of students were active users of technology-based tools, but had limited experience with using participatory user-led knowledge creation tools (such as Web 2.0 technologies) although many observed the use of these tools in early years literacy classrooms while on professional experience school placements. Further findings show that
although the majority of this group of pre-service teachers felt more confident after creating a wiki and reported that they would use them in future literacy teaching and learning, their understandings of the pedagogical and creative potential of these digital tools in supporting literacy learning in young children appeared limited. The findings suggest that there is a need for educators in higher education to understand their students’ digital funds of knowledge and to provide rich opportunities to support these students’ use and understandings of the affordances of these new technologies as vehicles to explore and enrich 21st century literacy learning in early years digital environments.



International journal of literacies






63 - 79


Common Ground


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