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Bio-inspired design, modeling, and 3D printing of lattice-based scale model scooter decks

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posted on 2023-04-04, 02:12 authored by N Namvar, I Moloukzadeh, Ali ZolfagharianAli Zolfagharian, F Demoly, M Bodaghi
This research aims at enhancing the performance of scale-model scooter decks by investigating various architected cellular metamaterial and bio-inspired core structure designs, such as honeycomb, tetrachiral, re-entrant, arrowhead, and star-shaped arrangements. An initial effort is made toward the design and rapid prototyping of small-scale deck with a uniform honeycomb core structure. More specifically, polylactic acid is utilized to fabricate complex structures via fused filament fabrication technique. Investigation is then focused on its mechanical performance, such as its bending properties obtained through a three-point bending test. Simulations are also conducted with different core configurations using a geometrically non-linear finite element method which is implemented. Experiments are carried out to verify the numerical results. After validation, various patterns are modeled, and eventually, it is observed that the functionally graded arrowhead structure has the best bending resistance, compared to other bio-inspired and mechanical metamaterial structures. At a constant force of 845 N, the functionally graded arrowhead design lowers the deflection in the middle of the scale model of scooter deck by up to 14.7%, compared to the uniform arrowhead structure. Furthermore, comparing the tetrachiral and functionally graded arrowhead configurations at a constant force, a 30% reduction in central deflection was observed. Due to the lack of similar results and designs in the specialized literature, this work could potentially advance the state-of-the-art scooter core designs and provide designers with architectures that could enhance the performance and safety of scooters.



International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology


Berlin, Germany








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