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Can the carbon metabolic activity of biofilm be regulated by the hydrodynamic conditions in urban rivers?

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posted on 2022-08-01, 00:00 authored by J Hou, G Shao, Tanveer AdyelTanveer Adyel, C Li, Z Liu, S Liu, L Miao
Hydrodynamic regulation is widely used to improve the water quality of urban rivers. However, it is yet to explore substantially whether hydrodynamics could regulate the metabolic activity of biofilm in such aquatic systems. Herein, the pilot experiment of hydrodynamics in the rotation tanks was designed, including two experiment phases, namely constant flow and adjusting flow for 21 days and 14 days, respectively. In constant flow phase, biofilms grew in five shear stress gradients (R1–R5, 0.0044– 0.12 Pa). The carbon metabolic rate (k) of mature biofilms evaluated by BIOLOG ECO microplates showed a hump-shaped relationship with increasing shear stress, with R3 (0.049 Pa) the highest, while R5 (0.12 Pa) the lowest. To verify whether the metabolic activity of biofilm cultured at constant flow phase can be regulated by shear stress, we initiated the adjusting flow phase, and shear stress in reactors was reset uniformly at 0.049 Pa (with the highest k). Results showed the carbon metabolic activity of biofilm in reactor R4 and R5 increased rapidly by day 3, and there was no significant difference between the carbon metabolic rates among the five treatments by day 14. Meanwhile, the utilization levels of polymers and carbohydrates by biofilms were significantly different among the five treatments after hydrodynamic regulations. These results suggested that the total carbon metabolic activity of biofilm can be regulated by hydrodynamics, while the divergent changes of the specific carbon source category might affect the biofilm-mediated carbon biogeochemical processes, which should be considered for the application of hydrodynamic regulation in river ecological restoration projects.



Science of the Total Environment



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Amsterdam, The Netherlands







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