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Classroom Promotion of Oral Language: Outcomes From a Randomized Controlled Trial of a Whole-of-Classroom Intervention to Improve Children’s Reading Achievement

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posted on 2023-02-16, 03:41 authored by S Goldfeld, P Snow, P Eadie, J Munro, Lisa GoldLisa Gold, Ha LeHa Le, F Orsini, B Shingles, J Connell, A Watts, T Barnett
Children need rich language learning experiences in school to build language and reading skills. Research suggests that various effective ways to support teacher provision of these experiences. The Classroom Promotion of Oral Language cluster randomized controlled trial (n = 1,360 students; 687 intervention, 673 control) examined whether a teacher professional learning intervention targeting oral language in the first years of school led to improved student outcomes compared to usual teaching practices. The intervention comprised face-to-face professional learning and ongoing support. The primary outcome was student reading ability at Grade 3; secondary outcomes included oral language, reading, and mental health at Grades 1 and 3. No differences were detected between the intervention and control arms. Implications of results and future directions are explored.