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Communication strategies and effectiveness of early childhood obesity-related prevention programs for linguistically diverse communities: A rapid review

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posted on 2023-10-20, 02:42 authored by S Ahern, Sarah MarshallSarah Marshall, G Wallbank, D Jawad, S Taki, LA Baur, LM Wen
Children from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds experience higher rates of obesity and have poorer outcomes in obesity prevention studies. Interventions tailored to specific cultural groups may be limited within linguistically diverse, multicultural communities, and thus, alternative approaches to childhood obesity prevention in these communities are needed. This study aims to describe communication strategies used in interventions targeting prevention of obesity/obesity-related behaviors, among children 0–5 years, from linguistically diverse communities, and assess their effectiveness. A rapid review was conducted by systematically searching Medline, Embase, and CINAHL. The inclusion criteria are as follows: Studies reported an intervention tailored to linguistically diverse communities targeting at least one obesity-related behavior among children 0–5 years. The exclusion criteria are as follows: Interventions used simple language translations, targeted one language group, or treated obesity. A total of 4677 articles were identified with 14 studies meeting inclusion criteria. Key communication strategies included materials in multiple languages, English text written at a set readability level, and multimodal delivery. Six studies reported effectiveness data, of which five had effective primary or secondary outcomes. This is the first rapid review to identify communication strategies used in childhood obesity prevention interventions for linguistically diverse communities, highlighting a need for future research to incorporate and evaluate the communication strategies identified.



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