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Cultivation of Osmundea pinnatifida (Hudson) Stackhouse in the Algem® photobioreactor system

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posted on 2022-11-17, 02:36 authored by Cecilia BiancacciCecilia Biancacci, GJ McDougall, JG Day, MS Stanley
Cultivation of Osmundea pinnatifida (Hudson) Stackhouse in flasks and/or tanks has yet to be developed beyond the lab scale. However, establishment of a methodology for the supply of this red seaweed has great potential, considering that it can be exploited either as food or as a source of biologically active compounds with potential nutraceutical, pharmaceutical and cosmetic applications. This study investigates the possibility of growing O. pinnatifida in the Algem® photo bioreactor (PBR) system, normally utilised for microalgae cultivation, and examines the antioxidant content of the biomass. The cultures were incubated in the Algem® PBRs under a set of environmental parameters established in a previous seasonality study at a single location on the west coast of Scotland. The growth of the cultures in the PBR was monitored, the biomass assessed for antioxidant content, and results compared with seasonal samples, to assess how the PBR system affects the biochemistry of this species. Analyses centred on antioxidant activity and included Total Phenolic Content (TPC) and Ferric Iron Reducing Antioxidant Power (FRAP). A significant increase in the antioxidant content, two to five-time higher compared to wild samples, was achieved by cultivating the biomass in the PBR. This study highlights that the production of antioxidant compounds in O. pinnatifida can be improved by increasing photoperiod and light intensity and manipulating the wavelength. This information provides important insights into how cultivation conditions for this species can be tailored to increase production and improve the composition of the product of interest.



Journal of Applied Phycology


Berlin, Germany







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