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Custom Shoe Sole Design and Modeling Toward 3D Printing

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posted on 2023-03-01, 23:03 authored by Ali ZolfagharianAli Zolfagharian, Mohammad Lakhi, Sadegh Ranjbar, Mahdi Bodaghi
This study introduces a design procedure for improving an individual’s footwear comfort with body weight index and activity requirements by customized three-dimensional (3D)-printed shoe midsole lattice structure. This method guides the selection of customized 3D-printed fabrications incorporating both physical and geometrical properties that meet user demands. The analysis of the lattice effects on minimizing the stress on plantar pressure was performed by initially creating various shoe midsole lattice structures designed. An appropriate common 3D printable material was selected along with validating its viscoelastic properties using finite element analysis. The lattice structure designs were analyzed under various loading conditions to investigate the suitability of the method in fabricating a customized 3D-printed shoe midsole based on the individual’s specifications using a single material with minimum cost, time, and material use.



International Journal of Bioprinting



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