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Dataset for genome sequencing and de novo assembly of the Vietnamese bighead catfish (Clarias macrocephalus Günther, 1864)

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posted on 2020-08-01, 00:00 authored by T Y Duong, Mun Hua Tan, Yin Peng LeeYin Peng Lee, Larry CroftLarry Croft, Chris AustinChris Austin
Freshwater catfish of the genus Clarias, known as the airbreathing catfish, are widespread and important for food security through small scale inland fisheries and aquaculture. Limited genomic data are available for this important group of fishes. The bighead catfish (Clarias macrocephalus) is a commercial aquaculture species in southeast Asia used for aquaculture and threatened in its natural environment through habitat destruction, over-exploitation and competition from other introduced species of Clarias. Despite its commercial importance and threats to natural populations, public databases do not include any genomic data for C. macrocephalus. We present the first genomic data for the bighead catfish from Illumina sequencing. A total of 128 Gb of sequence data in paired-end 150 bp reads were assembled de novo, generating a final assembly of 883 Mbp contained in 27,833 scaffolds (N50 length: 80.8 kbp) with BUSCO completeness assessments of 96.3% and 87.6% based on metazoan and Actinopterygii ortholog datasets, respectively. Annotation of the genome predicted 21,124 gene sequences, which were assigned putative functions based on homology to existing protein sequences in public databases. Raw fastq reads and the final version of the genome assembly have been deposited in the NCBI (BioProject: PRJNA604477, WGS: JAAGKR000000000, SRA: SRR11188453). The complete C. macrocephalus mitochondrial genome was also recovered from the same sequence read dataset and is available on NCBI (accession: MT109097), representing the first mitogenome for this species. Lastly, we find an expansion of the mb and ora1 genes thought to be associated with adaptations to air-breathing and a semi-terrestrial life style in this genus of catfish.



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