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Decision-making About Premortem Interventions for Donation: Navigating Legal and Ethical Complexities

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posted on 2023-04-19, 06:13 authored by Dominique MartinDominique Martin, Shih-Ning Then, Andrew McGee, Dale Gardiner, Nadia El Moslemani
Premortem interventions (PMIs) for organ donation play a vital role in preserving opportunities for deceased donation or increasing the chances of successful transplantation of donor organs. Although ethical considerations relating to use of particular PMIs have been well explored, the ethical and legal aspects of decision-making about the use of PMIs have received comparatively little attention. In many countries, there is significant uncertainty regarding whether PMIs are lawful or, if they are, who can authorize them. Furthermore, emphasis on consideration of therapeutic goals in substitute decisionmaking frameworks may discourage consideration of donation goals. In this article, we examine the fundamental questions of who should have the authority to make decisions about the use of PMIs on behalf of a potential donor and how such decisions should be made. We draw on international examples of legal reform that have sought to clarify the legal position in relation to administering PMIs and identify potential elements of an effective regulatory model for PMIs. In doing so, we argue that reforms are needed in many countries to provide legal certainty for clinicians who are responsible for supporting decision-making about PMIs and to ensure that the goals and preferences of potential donors are accorded due consideration in the decision-making process.







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