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Effect of restriction of placental growth on umbilical and uterine blood flows

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posted on 1986-03-01, 00:00 authored by Julie OwensJulie Owens, J Falconer, J S Robinson
Endometrial caruncles were excised from sheep (caruncle sheep) before pregnancy. The effect of this on umbilical and uterine blood flows in a subsequent pregnancy was examined. Thirteen caruncle and twelve control sheep with indwelling vascular catheters were studied at 121 and 130 days pregnancy. In caruncle sheep, fetal, placental, and total uterine content weights were significantly lower than in control sheep. Six caruncle sheep carried normal-sized fetuses (weight within +/- 2 SD of mean weight for control fetuses) and seven carried small fetuses (weight greater than +/- 2 SD below mean weight for control fetuses). Mean weights of placentas in these groups were 0.290 +/- 0.067 and 0.156 +/- 0.069 kg, respectively, compared with 0.459 +/- 0.157 kg in control sheep. In small caruncle fetuses, umbilical and uterine blood flows and placental antipyrine clearance were significantly lower than in controls at 121 and 130 days gestation. Only umbilical blood flow was reduced in normal-sized caruncle fetuses. Umbilical blood flow and placental antipyrine clearance increased with gestational age in control sheep but not in sheep with normal-sized or small caruncle fetuses. In all sheep, umbilical and uterine blood flows and antipyrine clearance correlated with placental weight. Umbilical blood flow per kilogram of placenta but not uterine blood flow per kilogram of placenta correlated inversely with placental weight. Fetal weight at 130 days generally correlated with placental weight, umbilical and uterine blood flows, and antipyrine clearance in a curvilinear fashion such that fetal weight was not greatly restricted until these variables were less than or equal to 65% of control values.



American journal of physiology: regulatory, integrative and comparative physiology






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