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Experimental and Finite Element Study of a Novel Two-Way Corrugated Steel Deck System for Composite Slabs

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posted on 2022-10-09, 22:48 authored by Keerthana John, Mahmud AshrafMahmud Ashraf, Matthias Weiss, Riyadh Al-AmeriRiyadh Al-Ameri
This paper investigates the structural performance of a new two-way profiled steel decking system for steel-concrete composite slabs. Several studies have investigated steel decking for steel-concrete composite slabs and focused on utilising the conventional deck as a one-way floor system. The newly developed deck consists of top-hat sections formed by bending corrugated sheets at 90°, which are attached to a corrugated base sheet. The deck is designed for improved composite and two-way action contributed by its unique geometry due to corrugations in the transverse and longitudinal directions. This paper experimentally tested a novel steel decking geometry under construction stage loading. It was in the absence of concrete to establish the deck’s suitability for construction and contribution towards loading capacity and performance for future use as a two-way composite slab. Ultimate load, two-way action, and failure modes were identified. A finite element model was also developed, and parameters assessed that could influence the performance when the deck is potentially used in the composite stage. It was concluded that, while increasing the thickness of the corrugated base sheet significantly affects the load-carrying capacity, the thickness of the top hats has no significant impact. Improved load transfer with two-way behaviour is observed when the bottom flanges of the top hats are continuously connected to the bottom flanges of the adjacent top hats to form a deck. This contrasts with the concept deck, where individual top hats are attached to a corrugated base sheet. In this case, decks with a corrugated base sheet perform 54% better in ultimate load capacity than decks without a corrugated base sheet.



Journal of Composites Science




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