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Exploring the impact of adverse childhood experiences on symptomatic and functional outcomes in adulthood: Advances, limitations and considerations

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posted on 2018-03-01, 00:00 authored by J Cotter, Alison YungAlison Yung
Exposure to traumatic experiences in childhood is a risk (and potentially causal) factor for the development of a range of adverse physical and mental health conditions. In addition to the onset of clinical disorders, there is emerging evidence that childhood trauma may also be associated with other long-term outcomes, such as the persistence and severity of an individual's symptoms, as well as their long-term social and occupational functioning. However, the reasons for this remain poorly understood. A greater understanding both of the mediators that drive these associations, and those variables that enhance resilience against such damaging experiences may help to inform effective therapeutic interventions. In addition to biological and cognitive measures, there is a need to consider social and environmental factors, such as parental bonding and attachment, when investigating these complex relationships.