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Exploring the relationship between compassion, the practice environment, and quality of care as perceived by paediatric nurses

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posted on 2023-11-21, 04:32 authored by Cherene OckerbyCherene Ockerby, O Wood, CO Le, B Redley, E Yuen, R Thornton, Alison HutchinsonAlison Hutchinson
Purpose: To (1) explore associations between paediatric nurses' perceptions of their own compassion, the practice environment, and quality of care, and (2) identify factors that influence perceived quality of care. Design and methods: Cross-sectional survey of paediatric nurses (n = 113) from a hospital network in Melbourne, Australia. The survey included the Compassion Scale, Practice Environment Scale of the Nurse Work Index (PES-NWI), a single quality of care item, and demographic items. Hierarchical regression was used to explore factors that predicted perceived care quality. Results: There were moderate positive correlations between perceived care quality and both compassion (rho = 0.36, p < .001) and practice environment (i.e., total PES-NWI: rho = 0.45, p < .001). There were significant differences in perceived care quality based on nurses' work area (i.e., critical care vs medical/surgical wards). The final hierarchical regression analysis included compassion (Step 2) and four of five PES-NWI subscales (Step 3), controlling for work area (Step 1). The model was statistically significant and explained 44% of variance in perceived quality; compassion and PES-NWI subscale 2 (Nursing foundations for quality of care) were statistically significant predictors. Conclusions: Paediatric nurses' perceptions of quality were influenced by their own compassion for others and elements of the practice environment, particularly nursing foundations for care quality, which is characterised by a clear nursing philosophy and model of care, with programs and processes to support practice. Practice implications: The findings offer insights into potentially modifiable individual and workplace factors that contribute to paediatric nurses' perceptions of care quality.



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