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Expression of the Menkes gene homologue in mouse tissues lack of effect of copper on the mRNA levels

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posted on 2023-02-07, 22:41 authored by JA Paynter, A Grimes, P Lockhart, Julian MercerJulian Mercer
The expression of the homologue of the Menkes disease gene (Mnk) in mice was studied using RNA blots. The highest level of expression of the 8.0 kb mRNA was found in placenta, substantial expression was noted in lung, heart, brain, testis and kidney and gut mucosa, but very low levels were found in spleen and adult liver. In fetal liver, the amount of Mnk mRNA is similar to that found in kidney, however, it declines soon after birth. Results with copper-loaded normal mice and mutant mice with genetic defects in copper transport suggested that Mnk mRNA levels are not regulated by tissue copper concentrations. © 1994.