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Eye-gaze behaviour of expert and novice surfers in a simulated surf environment

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posted on 2023-02-09, 03:52 authored by I M Luke, D L Neumann, M J Stainer, L E Potter, Robyn MoffittRobyn Moffitt
Skilled performance in sport often relies on looking at the right place at the right time. Differences in visual behaviour can thus characterise expertise. The current study examined visual attention associated with surfing expertise. Expert (n = 12) and novice (n = 12) surfers viewed 360-degree surfing videos in a head-mounted display. Eye-gaze, presence, and engagement were measured. Experts were faster to detect approaching high, and low waves, spent more time overall attending to high-performance value areas-of-interest (AOIs; pocket, shoulder, lip), and were more physically engaged. Group differences were not found for presence or simulator sickness. Outcomes show that surfing expertise is associated with more optimal visual attention to cues informing wave approach and wave dynamics. Experts look at these areas earlier than novices, and for more time overall. The findings suggest the performance advantages of early planning of motor actions, along with moment-to-moment adjustments while surfing.



Psychology of Sport and Exercise