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FlexBeamOpt: Hybrid solution methodologies for high-throughput GEO satellite beam laydown and resource allocation

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posted on 2023-05-29, 06:52 authored by A Gaudry, R Li, Vicky MakVicky Mak
Modern satellite communication systems are required to serve heterogeneous and geographically dispersed user demands with limited resources. In this paper, we investigate methodologies for dynamic resource allocation in Geosynchronous Earth Orbit (GEO) High-throughput Satellite (HTS) systems. We designed three solution approaches FlexBeamOpt v1, FlexBeamOpt v2, and FlexBeamOpt v3, each as a hybridization of custom heuristics, integer linear programming, and/or constraint programming. We test the performance of the three approaches on 12 test instances that vary in user distribution (realistic, random, and clustered), user numbers (500 vs. 5000 users), and demand distribution (uniform vs. random). We observed that FlexBeamOpt v1 consistently outperformed FlexBeamOpt v2 and FlexBeamOpt v3 in terms of demand coverage and number of users covered for realistic and random user distribution test instances but at the cost of computation time. FlexBeamOpt v3 is the fastest in these instances. For clustered user distribution instances, FlexBeamOpt v3 performed better in terms of demand coverage and number of users covered, at the cost of using more beams. For these test instances, FlexBeamOpt v2 is the fastest in terms of computation time while providing a comparable solution quality.



International Journal of Satellite Communications and Networking


London, Eng.







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