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Flood disaster preparedness: experience and attitude of rural residents in Sichuan, China

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posted on 2020-01-01, 00:00 authored by Y Ao, X Zhou, F Ji, Y Wang, L Yang, Q Wang, Igor MartekIgor Martek
Concerns regarding climate change have recently spotlighted the devastating impacts of flooding. In this regard, disaster preparedness is known to mitigate against potential loss suffered as a consequence of flood disasters. Extant research has explored the influence of residents’ experience and attitude on disaster preparedness behavior as separate factors; however, research to date has yet to consider these inter-related factors simultaneously. Accordingly, this study explores this relationship, taking rural residents of the flood-prone regions of Sichuan Province, China, as the research subject. Exploratory factor analysis and ordered logistic regression are used to ascertain the effects of flood experience and attitude on residents’ disaster preparedness behavior. Results show the following. (1) The level of disaster preparedness behavior of rural residents is relatively low. (2) Respondents who are older, more educated, or who have lived locally for longer are more likely to be better prepared for flood disasters. (3) On the other hand, respondents with higher income, either as individuals or households, are less prepared. (4) Previous flood experience and disposition toward disaster also impacts preparedness behavior. On the basis of these findings, the following suggestions are proposed as mitigation policies for flood-prone areas. (1) Structural flood control measures should be organically combined with daily disaster preparedness. (2) Rural areas affected by devastating floods should offer psychological counseling to residents in order to reduce states of fear and helplessness. (3) Government departments should inform residents in real time of flood warnings and of flood control measures. (4) Lastly, relevant local departments should educate local residents in flood preparedness. Taken together, these measures can be expected to improve living conditions, people’s trust in the media, and in the government’s flood control capacity.



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